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Дата обновления: 18.12.2021


Hosting in Russian Federation

After you have already taken your domain name you can find yourself a normal hosting, and here I also advise you one good time-tested company, convenient, fast and adequate in terms of prices. There are tariffs for both 1C Bitrix and WordPress and other CMS, with convenient control, applications in iOS and Android, everything for your convenience. Good tech. support which, in my personal experience, kills the question the first time around – which is a very rare occurrence. After all these manipulations, you will already have a ready-made domain and hosting for your site, it remains to make a site or move an existing site, by the way, after the transfer, or if you have problems with the site (viruses, it takes a long time to load) you can contact with me.

» Order high-quality hosting in the Russian Federation

Cloud hosting

hetzner vps cloud

Hetzner Cloud – Best cloud solution. Deploying sites literally in seconds, creating snapshots (snapshots) of servers, storing backups, restoring backups and snapshots in seconds, fast server speed, wide Internet channel, reliable German data centers, and prices in euros are lower than prices in rubles

Monitoring servers and sites

uptimerobot monitoring 24/7

UptimeRobot – Service for checking(monitoring) the performance of your sites, monitor and keep your servers / sites always on, fell? Then you will know exactly when it fell, and will send you a notification about the fall, as a result of which you can quickly lift the site from its knees.

CDN service


Professional content delivery service to your users, fast loading, easy connection, free provision of hosting to users. How long does it take to load the site? Many users? Hosting can’t serve files in time? Then you need to them, they will connect the CDN in a matter of seconds, professionals in their field.