I am Vladimir Zhelnov

Web systems developer, Linux server system administrator.

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Skills and capabilities

About me

A web developer who has a fairly broad outlook in terms of technology and capabilities. Designs databases, platform architecture, analyzes load, writes algorithms, optimizes them, and more. I grew up with gaming interests, previously creating various servers, and now I am engaged in professional development. I adhere to the principles of SOLID, OOP.

Features and tools

[Framework] Flask & FastAPI
[Design] Figma
[Storage] PostgreSQL & MySQL & Redis
[Linux] Bash & Docker

as well as - Websockets, Nginx, Gunicorn, Uvicorn, C#, git, Postman, composer, javascript...

Basically I use



(2016 - 2018)
Master (graduate) - Second higher education

RTU MIREA - "Personal computers and networks"

(2011 - 2016)
Bachelor (graduate) - First higher

RTU MIREA - "Instrument making and radio electronics"

Work history

(2019 - 2021)

LLC "LikeViar" - Creative VR-agency likevr.ru

(2018 - 2019)

LLC "KingKupon" - Coupon Sites Network kupon.ru

(2015 - 2018)

LLC "Vidanov Digital" - a creative association at the church of St. right. John of Kronstadt in Hamburg vidanov.com

"I am 100% sure of your speed and quality."


Clinic "Hadassah Medical"

"... has established itself as a hardworking, friendly, well-balanced employee ..."

Christina Parfenova

LLC "Vidanov Digital"

The task is to automate the process of paying for kayak excursions ... As a result, we managed to create a sustainable service ...


IE Fedorov Maxim Alexandrovich

Вова отличный разработчик, ответственно подходит к постановке задачи, пунктуален - сам контролирует итерации и не нужно заниматься с ним микро-менеджментом. Всегда исходит из интересов заказчика, пытается сразу предложить подход чтобы потом не пришлось переделывать (если заказчик настаивает на костыльных способах - в них тоже умеет, но не любит)

ООО "ЛайкВиар"
Perhaps you will find it useful

My services

Website development

Development of simple sites, blogs, business card sites, and online stores. CMS Wordpress or Python Flask.

API development

Development of an optimized API for your mobile applications.

System administration

Installation, configuration of Linux systems, as well as support for working sites.

Take a look and enjoy

A couple of projects

Some of the work on which I took a significant part

Тинькофф PHP Лёгкий класс скачать гитхаб

Lightweight PHP Tinkoff class

Created by me - Lightweight PHP class for accepting payments through Tinkoff bank, free of charge, for everyone

РЖД - Российские железные дороги

RZD - Russian Railways

At the time of implementation, he worked at LLC "LikeVR"

АНО БО Журавлик

ANO BO "Zhuravlik"

What is this project? We design and implement social programs aimed at inclusive education, bullying prevention and creating a safe environment for children, both within and outside the family. The mechanism of transferring money to help the project "Zhuravlik", Travli.NET, "We are against violence", "Inclusive capsule" was connected

РадиоВера Православное интернет радио

RadioVera - Orthodox radio

A new server is selected, a Linux server is configured, the transfer of the entire project, and deployment. Optimization for high loads. API development for a mobile application

Креативное агенство Like VR

Creative agency LikeVR

A website for a ready-made design in Figma has been created. Website transfer, website optimization, CRM systems connection
Логотип LikeVR от Артемия Лебедева

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