Order a turnkey website, help with servers

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To order (website development), fill out the form below. Mostly simple sites take from one week to two weeks of development with ready-made website designs, as well as sites with designs that you would like the site to look like. Developing a new design takes a long time, for example, developing 2-3 versions of the site takes from 2 weeks. Layout site takes 1-2 days. Creating a mobile version is also 1 day. Based on these descriptions, we can estimate how long the development of your website for the order will last.

In addition to ordering and development, you need to take care of site placement , you can also implement it as part of the order, advise and choose the right solution for your site, from 100 people to 2000 people, any number of visitors, the solution will be for you is always. We will select a company for hosting, we will place your hosting, we will buy you a domain, we will do everything ourselves, and sometimes we will take over the correspondence with managers of different companies.